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It has been a poignant time with the sad passing away of Prince Philip. Our thoughts have been with the Queen and we have been following the coverage of his life on TV. Residents watched the funeral and we had our church service in commemoration of Prince Phillip. We also marked the Queen’s 95th birthday with an afternoon tea. There were delicious sandwiches and scones made by our chefs and we had a natter about all things royal.

We have also been pursuing activities close to our hearts and also to the Queen’s: Supporting charitable causes, walking dogs and cheering on the horses!

Following our charitable fundraising

You can read about some of our fundraising here https://www.heritagemanor.co.uk/2021/03/fundraising-heritage-manor/

Our residents raised £60 for Dementia UK by taking part in their Dog Walking Challenge. Check out our video to see how we got on. https://www.facebook.com/100057054866714/videos/2746644778980808

Mollie was exhausted after that, as she insisted on walking with everyone. Nothing like a cuddle and a snooze afterwards. Mollie is Caroline’s (our Lifestyle & Wellbeing Co-ordinators) dog, who she has trained as a therapy dog. She is such a gentle, good-natured dog and lovely company for our residents.

Mollie and resident having a cuddle

Our knitters have been making bonding blankets for Hereford SCBU Special Baby Care unit. We have been following the stories of mother’s and their babies at the Baby Care Unit. It is wonderful to hear that our bonding blankets are bringing support and comfort to the families who need it.

At Easter, we had a visit from Jemma O’Connor and her two superstar children, Elliott and Madison. Madison wanted to give our residents Easter eggs as a thank you for making the bonding blankets.

children delivering Easter eggs

Ralph’s story

Ralph weighed just 4lbs 10oz when he was born early, at 34 weeks. He was then placed in an incubator at the Baby Care Unit for 2 weeks, whilst the medics ran lots of tests and gave him specialist care. The staff were amazing and taught Ralph’s mum Verity and dad how to care for him. Verity was given a bonding blanket after Ralph was born and then it was placed into the incubator with Ralph to bond with her scent and give him comfort. Ralph is home now with his loving brother and sister and the whole family are receiving lots of support from their midwife, SCBU outreach team and a health visitor.

Baby Ralph - following his story

Cheering on the Grand National

Such a fun day! Every resident had drawn a horse at random for the Grand National. We watched the race, cheering them all on!! David, Vicky and Brenda’s horses came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in The Grand National. Fantastic that the winner had a female jockey. A great day for David too as it was his birthday!