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At Abberton our residents enjoying spending time with the many children who visit our home. We see first hand the mutual benefits of bringing these so called “bookend generations” together.

The children visiting Abberton

The Langenhoe Primary children recently challenged our residents to a quiz which they won, so we have already started swotting up for the next one! Our residents loved seeing their dancing, particularly their flossing moves. We shall give that a go, but perhaps at a slower pace!

The kiddies from Muddy Tots pre-school and their parents and carers have also visited and we are looking forward to seeing them twice a month through this Spring term.

Our residents love hearing their singing, playing games and listening to stories – all with plenty of juice and biscuits. It’s sheer joy to hear the giggles of the children and feel their warmth and friendship towards our residents.

Times like this at Abberton, we see first-hand the benefits of inter-generational relationships and bringing together the “bookend generations” – the young and old have so much to offer eachother.

The importance of time

In our adult life, we are always doing – working, progressing, earning, rushing. How often do us adults say “Oh, there’s never enough hours in the day!

The young and old share a different rhythm, which focuses not only on doing, but being in the moment. They have time to offer, without the distractions and pressures adults increasingly feel.

Our residents love the opportunity to chat to younger people, to hear their news, views, hopes and aspirations. Children have their undivided attention. When children listen to our residents’ memories and are inquisitive about their lives, our residents feel valued. They have increased feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. That wish to nurture and contribute to the next generation, is certainly felt by our residents, who have many pearls of wisdom and fascinating stories to impart.

The exuberance and energy the children bring, is felt long after they have gone home. We are delighted to have these links with Muddy Totz and Langenhoe Primary School and look forward to their next visits.