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Introducing some new residents to West Eaton. Our very own chickens, who are Henrietta, Peggy, Gertie and Goldi.

Why chickens?

Our residents love interaction with animals. We see first hand the benefits of pets as therapy. There has been a lot of research into chickens as therapy animals, largely pioneered by Henpower. They have introduced hen-keeping into 40 carehomes in the North East. Northumbria University research found that Henpower improved the health and wellbeing of older people and reduced loneliness and depression. You can read more here https://www.yourchickens.co.uk/news/how-chickens-can-help-in-therapy-1-5608647

A number of our Heritage Manor homes have reared chicks from eggs on the run up to Easter. This was as part of the Living Eggs scheme https://www.livingeggs.co.uk/. We heard such positive feedback from this – from how much residents enjoyed the experience and the happiness they have felt. Many residents had chickens when they were younger and shared their lovely memories.

Welcoming our chickens to West Eaton

There was such excitement at West Eaton when we knew the chickens would be arriving. We have had lots of chicken inspired crafting from making feeders, to drawings. We also had a competition on our Facebook page to decide on names. Henrietta, Peggy, Gertie and Goldi had the highest number of votes.

They are a real talking point. Our residents are introducing them to their families and all the children who visit. They are a real draw, encouraging residents into the garden. Collecting the eggs and the responsibility of feeding and looking after the chickens, gives a real sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Socialising is very important and they can become very tame feathered friends. They will happily sit on laps and be stroked. Our theory is the more content they are…. the better layers they will be! And they are already laying eggs! We are delighted that they are so content in their new home and can’t wait for the first double yolk!