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Our activities team go above and beyond to add a little sparkle to our residents lives. Quite literally on Bonfire Night, when they made sure all our residents could enjoy their sparklers.

Bringing the magic and sparkle

Lets think about that short, thin metal stem of a sparkler. It’s quite tricky to hold. Remember telling your children to hold them away from themselves, so the sparks were not too close and don’t put fingers near the hot part.

It’s a bit daunting to hold a sparkler when you don’t have the dexterity you once had. Maybe you have arthritic fingers, rheumatism or poor circulation, so need to wear thick mittens. You worry about the sparks and maybe dropping it. The anxiety takes the magic out of the moment.

Only our amazing activities team could think of such a simple solution……….carrots! Simply skewer the sparkler into the end of a carrot and hey presto! you have a handle. Chunky enough to grip easily and long enough to put some distance between each resident and the sparks.

And in this stroke of genius, the magic and sparkle is restored. Residents could enjoy themselves; waving their sparklers, creating shapes and writing their names in the night sky. All the magic of bonfire night. We think their happiness shines through in these photos.

Penny for the Guy

Let’s not forget the Guy too, which our residents had a hand in making. Many remembered wheeling a homemade Guy in a wheel barrow to collect money for fireworks. Childhood memories were shared and, as always, we had a bit of a giggle.

We topped off Bonfire Night with hot dogs and hot chocolates with sprinkles, squirty cream and Flakes. Another fun, memorable evening for our residents. There was such a lovely warm, happy glow in our home.