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With the sun shining we have been outside enjoying our garden at Newstead. All the fresh air, sunshine and outdoor activities are real mood boosters. We love these lazy, hazy days of summer.

How does your garden grow?

Barbara and Sheila are two of our green fingered residents who enjoy pottering in the garden. They have been tending to the hanging baskets which Gardening Club planted in the Spring. They are now a riot of colour and are much admired. The flower beds are all in bloom as well and attracting lots of butterflies and bees. Newstead in Bloom 2019 perhaps?

Barbara and Sheila photo collage surrounded by flowers in the garden
How does your garden grow?

Hereford Growing Point

Angie Formoy from Hereford Growing Point recently brought in fresh grown broad beans and peas in the pod. Everyone loved podding and eating these straight from the pods. There was a real sense of nostalgia, as we reminisced about home grown vegetables and podding peas as children.

Hereford Growing Point are a fabulous organisation who provide therapy through horticulture. Read about their team and the work they do here: https://www.growingpoint.org.uk/

We also made bees out of teasels, wool and cellophane. It was a very creative art session and much enjoyed.

garden therapy collage with Hereford Growing Point
Gardening therapy with Hereford Growing Point

Our garden inspiration for art

To celebrate the 4th July Independence Day we set our residents a Painting / Drawing Challenge. It was to promote their own independence by drawing anything they could see in the garden. There were some stunning drawings of the flowers in the hanging baskets.

Week 2 of our Painting / Drawing Challenge saw our residents draw and colour hydrangeas. Fabulous talent, even from the people who said that they are not artistic. They took up the Challenge and surprised themselves. A real sense of achievement.

We are going to continue this Challenge as it is proving so popular. Any suggestions of Painting / Drawing themes would be welcomed!

drawing challenge collage in the garden
Drawing challenge week 2