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Chicks with Living Eggs

We booked our first ever batch of hatching eggs to arrive in March. This was through a company called Living Eggs who have a Ready To Hatch programme. The company has been established since 1995 and has a very strict ethical and chick welfare policy. For more information please click the link https://www.livingeggs.co.uk/

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The eggs arrived!

Ten eggs arrived on 5th March in an incubator and there was a huge feeling of anticipation at Summerdyne. This was particularly because you could listen to the incubator and there were definitely chirpy sounds coming from the eggs.

We busied ourselves assembling the cage for the chicks to live in once hatched. We put hay in the bottom, a feeding station with grain and a water station. Everything had been provided by the Living Egg programme.

The chicks arrived!

Our residents waited and watched all morning for the eggs to hatch. A few hours later, two eggs hatched.

The following day, we welcomed six new additions to Summerdyne – who had hatched during the night. Our morning “Having a Yarn” knitting group came to a standstill, as it was more important to cuddle a chick. Only two left to hatch!

A tiny bundle of fluff
Welcome to the world little one
Enjoying a cuddle

Over the week that followed we watched the chicks fluff out their down after hatching and grow stronger.

Residents and staff not only enjoyed the contact of holding and cuddling a chick, but lovely conversations developed and memories were shared. Many of our residents kept chickens in their back gardens – the majority of which (particularly the cockerels) were destined for the cooking pot!

Rest assured ours will be going to a farm to enjoy their days. The Living Eggs programme has high animal welfare standards and ensures the chick are re-homed.

Our team delighted with the chicks at Summerdyne

This has been a wonderful Easter project at Summerdyne and brought so much joy to our residents and their families.