Our Locations

Abberton Manor

  • Colchester
  • 01206 735590
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Astley Hall

  • Stourport-on-Severn
  • 01299 827020
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  • Hereford
  • 01432 263131
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Nowton Court

  • Bury St Edmunds
  • 01284 756610
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  • Worcestershire
  • 01299 403260
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The Lawns

  • Worcester
  • 01905 821388
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West Eaton

  • Leominster
  • 01568 610395
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About FaNs

The Friends and Neighbours Network (FaNs) was set up by a small charity based in Essex called My Home Life Essex Community. They aim to give Essex care homes help, to make sure that their residents are able to enjoy the best possible quality of life. They recognise that many care homes work hard to give their residents a good quality of life – but with their extra help much more can be done. Their values are centred on inclusion, community, equality and having fun. Anyone of any age who shares these values can be a FaN.

For more information about the FaNs Netwoks, click here https://www.fansnetwork.org/

At Abberton, we are delighted to have the support and help from the FaNs Network. We have forged strong community links, many cross generational, including schools, toddler and Brownie groups and other local societies. Our residents feel part of the wider community and these connections are mutually beneficial. With age brings wisdom and also time, to listen and appreciate. Therefore, everyone feels valued and a sense of self-worth. There is genuine warmth and friendship with all our FaNs connections.

The Wishing Washing Line

The Wishing Washing Line was set up by the FaNs Network as a simple, but very effective, way of joining the community with their local care homes. Any care homes can submit wishes of their residents to be added to the Wishing Washing Line in their local supermarket.

How it works?

  • Our residents write a simple wish they would like granted.
  • That wish is added to the washing line in our local supermarket, Tesco’s, Colchester.
  • Shoppers and staff members read the wishes and hopefully find they have an interest shared with a resident, or can grant a wish.
  • They contact us direct and arrange to visit for the wish to be granted. They are then presented with a thank you certificate saying “One of our Biggest FaNs”.

Wished being granted at Abberton

Wishing for A Manicure

That little bit of pampering of a hand massage and nail polish, is often wished for by our residents.

Rachel from Cutie Cools granted Iris, Pam and Vera’s wishes, coming in with her beauty box and gorgeous selection of nail varnishes. Such was their delight, she has booked to visit again next month. Check out Rachel’s Facebook page to see her amazing nail art https://www.facebook.com/CutieCools/

Rachel with her certificate

Mother and daughter Angela and Laura Taylor also granted manicure wishes to some of our residents. That one to one of pampering is such a lovely time for a chat and to relax and be made to feel special. It was a real treat.

Angela and Laura with their certificates

Wishing to Chat about Spitfires

Our resident Jack, signed up to the RAF when he was just 18. He wanted to share his memories and talk about Spitfires with someone with a shared interest and knowledge. Adam granted his wish and totally made his day!

Jack at 18 in the RAF

Adam so kindly gave Jack a book about Spitfires. Jack did say “Spitfires were never as clean as the ones in the pictures”. He knows first hand and could share all his experiences with Adam. It was wonderful to watch them together, so animated and passionate about these amazing planes.

Jack and Adam discussing Spitfires

Wishing for A Quiz

Jim got in touch with us through the Wishing Washing Line and now regularly entertains our residents with his Quiz’s. They are often themed, the last one being a sports quiz. Always with props and funny antics, Jim is guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of our residents and is a firm favourite.

Our quiz master Jim

The FaNs mission is to make every moment count. You certainly help us with that at Abberton. Thank you to everyone in our community who, through FaNs, touch the hearts of our residents and bring so much love and happiness into our home.