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Glitz and Glamour at Astley

The glitz and glamour of the 90th Oscar Academy Awards came to Astley Hall, where we rolled out the red carpet for our own awards ceremony in our lounge. We also visited those residents who could not join us, in their rooms. They were so surprised to see us all in our evening gowns!

It was a fabulous afternoon and our residents’ faces were priceless, when their names were called out for an Award. The winners walked up the red carpet, to rounds of applause from all our residents, to collect their Oscar statues. We had some lovely acceptance speeches. The residents were very touched to receive an Award and you can see their delight in the pictures here.

Jill – Astley Oscars

Pam – Astley Oscars

And so, drum roll please…… The Astley Hall Award winners for 2018 are:

Violet: Best Artist Award

Every day Violet colours the most beautiful pictures for all the staff. So lovely and a really kind gesture all the staff appreciate.

Violet – Astley Oscars

Betty: Best Farmer Award

Betty grew up on a farm and then married a farmer, so she knows everything there is to know about farming. She loves to chat about farm life and we love to hear her stories.

Pat: Best Cuddles Award

All the staff are always warmly welcomed into work by Pat, who gives the best cuddles. It really makes you feel like Astley is family and the best place to work.

Margaret: Best Babysitter Award

Holding and cuddling a doll is an expression of safety and nurturing. One of our many dementia therapies at Astley is doll therapy and Margaret loves her dolls and takes them everywhere with her. We have put a crib in her room for her dolls, so she can tuck them into bed at night. It had got to the point when there was no room for Margaret in her bed! To read our article about the benefits of doll therapy, click here. https://www.heritagemanor.co.uk/2016/11/dementia-care/

Alan: Best Smiler Award

He is such a happy chap. Always lighting up the room with a beaming smile and bringing happiness to everyone around him.

Alan – Astley Oscars

David: Best Gardener Award

Everyday Dave wants to be outside and with his green fingers and tender loving care our gardens look amazing. There is not a weed in sight.

Dave- Astley Oscars

Pam: Most Inquisitive Award

Pam knows everything about everyone! She is a good listener and loves a good natter. If you want to know whats going on – ask Pam! She thought it was very funny to receive this award.

Jill: Best Choral voice

Jill was a member of Bristol Cathedral choir and has the most amazing voice. She has a sing along every afternoon to hymns and we all love to hear her sing.

Mary: Best Hair Do

Mary she visits the hairdresser every week without fail and her hair always looks beautiful.

Mary – Astley Oscars

Derek: Best Flower Arranger

Derek was a member of St Casein’s church and arranged the flowers for them at least five times a year. He has also made some beautiful arrangements for Astley Hall.

Derek – Astley Oscars

Hilda: Most Glamorous Grandma

Hilda is a very proud Grandma. She is very fashionable and great at colour coordinating her outfits and accessorising with her jewellery and scarves. She often talks about how she has always tried to look her best. We think she looks beautiful. She was very touched to receive this award.

Hilda – Astley Oscars

Frank: Most Cheeky Chappie

Frank is a true gentleman and a real charmer, with a cheeky sense of humour.

The After Party

After our events ceremony, we settled down together to watch Hollywood autobiography’s with Buck’s Fizz, popcorn and chocolate coins. It was lovely to sit and reminisce about favourite films and favourite film stars. A really special day at Astley.

The Oscars After Party