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Abberton Manor

  • Colchester
  • 01206 735590
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Astley Hall

  • Stourport-on-Severn
  • 01299 827020
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  • Hereford
  • 01432 263131
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Nowton Court

  • Bury St Edmunds
  • 01284 756610
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  • Worcestershire
  • 01299 403260
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The Lawns

  • Worcester
  • 01905 821388
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West Eaton

  • Leominster
  • 01568 610395
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Person-centred care is the care ethos followed by all our Heritage Manor group of care homes. There are many reasons why someone may be admitted to one of our homes. We involve that individual and their family, as well as their doctors, to put together their care plan. It is so important to look beyond a persons age, frailty, illness or dementia and really see the person.

Person-centred care

Everyone has different hobbies and interests, likes and dislikes, comforts and choices. The things that make them happy or unhappy, items of significance and life experiences. Recognising that everyone is individual and therefore tailoring care to each individual, ensures their well-being.

This person-centred care approach was developed in the 1980’s by a pioneering dementia doctor called Professor Thomas Kitwood. For people with dementia, it helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

The foundation Unforgettable, have since coined a phrase for person-centred dementia care: “Nothing about me, without me.”

James Ashwell set up Unforgettable after caring for his mother with dementia. Their website has lots of advice, support, products and services. Please click here for more information. https://www.unforgettable.org/blog/what-is-a-person-centred-approach-pca-to-dementia-care/

We believe that person-centred care is important for all our residents and also forges understanding and friendship between staff and residents. We know that the smallest of things can make a big difference to the life of each individual.

Bringing the past to the present

One recent heartwarming example of this person-centred care, was with Bob, at The Lawns. Like many of our residents, Bob is from a farming background. Three generations of his family have farmed in Worcestershire, rearing pigs and sheep and growing vegetables. He has many tales and memories that he shares with us all. The tractor he drove was a Fordson Major and therefore he was delighted to be given a miniature replica.

Bob holding a toy tractor - person-centred care

Bob and his tractor

There is only one Big Mac

Bob was also talking with Nicola, our activities coordinator at The Lawns, about his love of MacDonald’s. He had not eaten one for years, so later that afternoon, Nicola popped to the local MacDonald’s for takeout. Bob got his Big Mac Meal and said it was the best burger he had ever tasted. Other residents too were very happy with their Happy Meals, which are often the perfect sized portions.

Bob enjoying a Big Mac - person-centred care

Bob enjoying his Big Mac