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West Eaton

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Our Catering team have been shortlisted for an Establishment of the Year Award award at the National Association of Care Catering Awards 2023. We are firm believers that food feeds both body and soul and are delighted to have this Award recognition. Our chefs cook from first principles, incorporating all our home grown produce and residents favourites.

Our star Catering team

After 10 years as Kitchen Assistant, Emlyn realised his confidence and ability and became Head Chef last August. His team comprises Kim, Libby, Becky and Amber. They have worked together for years and take huge pride in enhancing the mealtime experience for all our residents.

When a resident comes to live at West Eaton, the team engage quickly in the subject of food and drink, recognising the significance of this to every single person, in their own unique way. They establish favourites and associated memories, as well as disliked dishes and appetite drivers. This extends to family members and plays a big part in our SEE ME Story that we build for each resident.

Contributions to each residents Nutritional Assessment with the clinical team is a team approach. Resident dietary needs are familiar and well know within the team. For example, diabetes, vegetarian, IDDSI modified and protein, high calorie fortification. There is a complete understanding of all dietary needs, which are integrated into the existing menu. Clear directives are made to the care team to ensure safe support for food and drink.

The above may sound like any catering team in a nursing home, but we go beyond this norm. Our star chefs ensure that the whole home recognise food and drink as both medicine and every day life fulfilling experiences.

dinner time 1

How our Catering team go beyond the norm

Our head chef Emlyn, contributes to our Daily Flash Meeting, which bringing each department together to discuss changes, priorities and actions. This includes nutritional issues and draws on the expertise of the team to be creative in fortification, portion management and appetite stimulation.

Rachel, the Lifestyle & Wellbeing lead supports in the building of connections between food and drink and lifestyle and wellbeing. She discusses events with Emyln, which are often themed, with food being a focal point. For example American Diner Day, Curry Night, Our Night of a Thousand Stars for Burns Night.

Seasonality is important, and food is cooked from first principles. Residents activities include gardening and home grown vegetables in vegetable troughs. Residents are assisted in home baking and have made chutneys and jams and their own elderflower cordial. This encourages a sense of purpose, pride and self worth.

The diary often focuses on food events. Everything from harvest festival celebrations to traditional cakes and bakes at Easter and Christmas. To pumpkin carving and baking at Halloween. To marvellous recipe creations to tie in with Roald Dahl Day.

The variety of foods and the delicious wafts from the kitchen, help recall memories and life stories associated with food and drink. Rachel links these connections within the activity planning and individual care plans, enabling residents to live their best lives.

dinner time 2

How are chefs are involved with Resident of the Day

Every month each resident has their scheduled ‘Resident of the Day Review’  including a chat between our Chef and the resident about their enjoyment of the menu over the past month, any changes they would like to see and where appropriate, nutritional guidance and support to encourage healthy eating including whether this is to maintain, increase or decrease weight.

Everyday, one of the menu dishes is dedicated to the Resident of The Day choice. This means that every month, at least once, that resident gets to have exactly what they want.

  • Ian chatted with Diane about Scottish smoked salmon being the best and very much enjoyed this.
  • Yvonne shared her family recipe for runner bean chutney. Her daughter Veronica came in to help all the residents make the chutney together.
  • Hazel said she likes cheese on toast and used to eat a slice of fruit cake every day. She talked through all the ingredients and our chefs made a cake following her recipe. They also made scones as she said she loved the smell of scones baking.
  • Sue chatted about one of our chefs holiday. She said she used to like going to Greece and eating brown pitta, with halloumi and tomato. So we made sure we got some in for her.

Our residents – star chefs and home bakers!

Pimms lollies were recipe of the day for the Wimbledon Finals. Residents enjoyed a strawberry and scones tea in true Wimbledon fashion!

We have been collecting blackberries and have made blackberry muffins. We include our home grown veggies in menu plans, along with our fresh eggs.

Residents also baked for our summer party. A tremendous day! Thank you to family and friends for their love and support. Plus the hard work of the carers and kitchen team and also to Kelly for bringing the pony! ! A big shout out also to all those that donated money and raffle prizes including local businesses. We raised over £1000 so getting close to our target for the interactive table. We recently borrowed on from our sister home and residents loved all the interactive art and games features.