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There have been many quotes about love and music, perhaps the most famous from William Shakespeare “If music be the food of love, play on”. The two are intrinsically linked. At Astley we celebrated love this Valentines Day and music as a dementia therapy.

Love is in the air

For Valentine’s, we celebrated the love of friendship, our loved ones and our Astley family. Residents shared memories of their Valentines; stepping out to dances, courting, love tokens and poetry. It all sounded so romantic and much less showy than today. So we asked them to share their wise words of wisdom for Valentine’s this year. Judith said “Be yourself, that’s the best” and Evelyn “Stay educated, knowledge is beautiful”. We also had some hilarious comments such as from Janet “If he ain’t a millionaire he ain’t worth it ladies!”

Why music is an important therapy?

We write often about a good old sing-song at Astley and the uplifting power of music. It is also an important form of dementia therapy.

Research shows that music is a cue for autobiographical memories. We remember where we were when we heard a particular song. It reinforces our sense of identity and how we connect with people. The most evocative songs are those we heard between our late teens and early 20s. These have been shown to activate areas of the brain most resistant to the damaging effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

“Music imprints itself on the brain deeper than any other human experience. Music evokes emotion, and emotion can bring with it memory… it brings back the feeling of life when nothing else can.”

Neurologist Oliver Sacks

Recently, we sang with a resident “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” Her recall of the lyrics and rhythm was incredible. https://www.facebook.com/astleyhallheritage/videos/5083700681650168

It’s moments like this that make working in care so rewarding. As Maddi, our Lifestyle & Wellbeing Lead said “Dementia may be strong but the power of music, our care team and beautiful residents are stronger.”

music and love quote