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National Nutrition and Hydration week rather aptly coincided with the amazing heatwave! So whilst soaking up some Vitamin D it was a timely moment to remember the importance of staying hydrated and especially the signs of dehydration for the elderly. We looked at lots of tips to stay hydrated and incorporated them into our weeks activities.

Hydration tips!

Tip 1: Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day. Water is absorbed the fastest into the body, but other drinks also count (as long as they are not alcoholic!)

So we had MILKSHAKE MONDAY! A lovely cold milkshake hit the spot for our residents and staff! Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry and Raspberry Crusha. And then TASTY TEA TUESDAY! Our residents and staff have experimented with some new fruit and herbal teas.

Tip 2: Eat lots of fruit and vegetables with a high water content.

So we had FRUIT KEBAB WEDNESDAY! Residents chopped up all of the fruit including grapes, strawberries, apple, pear, orange, mango, pineapple and kiwi. Delicious fruit kebabs high in water and vitamins.

Tip 3: Take regular sips with a straw. Make drinks more appealing with fruit and ice in the summer and warm and comforting in the winter.

So we had TASTY TIPPLES THURSDAY! We held our weekly Church service in the morning and in the afternoon made some tasty mock-tails for everyone. Everyone named them, which was very funny.

Tip 3: Frozen fruits and ice creams and sorbets help with hydration.

So whilst soaking up the 22 degrees rays, or after a potter in the garden planting, residents have enjoyed an ice cream! We made smoothies from frozen fruit and lollies on FROZEN FRUIT FRIDAY. Lovely to enjoy whilst marvelling our hanging basket and container planting handiwork. We planted fuchsias, begonias, busy lizzies, trailing lobelia and petunias.

Not forgetting the Nutrition…..

We are lucky to have a chef team who can turn their hand to anything. They cook each day from first principles incorporating residents’ favourites into the menus. Also ensuring that the medical needs of resident are met through their diet, be they diabetic, high fibre, coeliac etc.

For a bit of fun we had a biscuit tasting with residents. They had to guess which biscuit was which and whether they would ‘dunk or dump’ it! We had lemon, coconut, brownie, jam and cream, orange, ginger, fig, Viennese, strawberry cheesecake, caramelised and passionfruit! The most popular was the jam and cream and the least popular was the fig.