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With the snow falling outside it is definitely time to hunker down, put the fire on and enjoy hobbies. Our residents have been rediscovering their old hobbies and enjoying trying out new ones.

Rediscovering old hobbies

Kit model painting

One of our residents Peter has been painting a model RAF Red Arrow Hawk that he received for Christmas. Peter was a member of the Royal Artillery for 15 years and has a great passion for aircrafts and trains. One of our carers Kris sat with him and we could hear them both chatting away about aircrafts and Peter’s time in the force. Peter served his country for us, and now we have the honour of serving him.


As a child, Rachel would cycle with her Dad from near Pontrilas to Hereford, so they could visit the library to read. Nowadays, Caroline, our lifestyle and wellbeing co-ordinator, reads to Rachel whilst they sip on cups of tea – something you can’t do whilst cycling! Rachel has a vast collection of books, but Caroline has got her hooked on the author Chris Carter. Full of murder, mysteries and twists; it’s fair to say these two can’t put ‘The Executioner’ book down.

Caroline and resident reading together

A knit and natter

Some of our ladies have taken up knitting again and even after all this time they have have shown us how quick and talented they are! Their Mums taught them how to knit, and they were also taught to knit at school. They would knit little dresses and costumes for their dolls to wear. They have started making some bonding squares for Worcester Neonatal and Transitional Care Units for premature babies and their Mummies. We are asking for some donations of wool, preferably washable and suitable for babies.


Our residents are keen painters and we have resumed our painting sessions. This began with a still life class. Everyone was able to choose what they wanted to paint and there was a range of paintings.

Games afternoons

Scrabble afternoons are a favourite. Some of our residents really wowed us with their words! We had to look some up, just to make sure no one was cheating! Who knew Gu was an word!

Trying out new hobbies

We are using yoga and meditation techniques in our new exercise classes. We use resistance bands and soft balls to strengthen muscles in the body. There is also a focus on breathing and re-centring the body.

Baking is always a favourite but we recently introduced our residents to a chocolate fountain! This was a big hit. One resident said “I had heard of them but never seen or used one, it was great fun!!” Another resident said “This has been such a fun afternoon, I can’t wait to tell my family!!”

Following on from this, we have had some tasting afternoons. First a jam and marmalade tasting and then a tea tasting. This tied in with Digni-tea Day – when we had a tea party to recognise the importance of Diginity in Action Day.

We have been trying out some new crafting techniques. The most effective one has been making snowdrop flowers by colouring the edge of white crepe paper. Look at the brilliant results!

We have also introduced our residents to Zoom! Zoom calls with their family and friends are another great way to keep in touch during this lockdown time.