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It was with some sense of tredipation that our residents ventured into the lounge at Astley Hall. There was a snake in the room. Not only that, but one that could grow to 5 feet and kills its prey by constriction!

We were welcoming back Sarah from Bunnies, Bugs and Beasties, who brought with her Cornelius the Corn Snake. Thankfully, he didn’t look that intimidating. Much shorter than 5 feet and we were reliably informed by Sarah that he was very docile and made a good pet.

Close encounters with a snake

Sarah put everyone at ease introducing Cornelius to us whilst holding him. She helped our more cautious staff and residents overcome their fear of snakes. Some of our braver residents held him as well.

Sarah also brought creepy crawlies such as tarantulas and African cockroaches. Cornelius may have won us over, but we remained unconvinced by the spiders and cockroaches!

However, everyone was thrilled to see lots of furry friends and have cuddles with the bunnies and guinea pigs. Sarah is fantastic with our residents. She takes time to talk to them individually about their pets and experiences with animals. She also takes the bunnies around our home to visit residents in their rooms. Everyone is always delighted to have a visit.

Thank you Sarah for once again bringing your animal magic into our home!

For more information on Bunnies Bugs and Beasties, click on the link here http://www.bunniesbugsandbeasties.co.uk/

lady resident meeting a corn snake

This lady was very brave

snake or spider - resident cautiously looks in a box

Not so sure about the tarantula!

spider - resident cautiously looks in a box

Fascinating – but best viewed when it’s in a sealed box!

resident with rabbit

Much more cuddly!