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At Heritage Manor we provide a Mentoring Scheme to support new starters joining our teams of nurses and carers at each of our homes.

The benefits of Mentoring

Many of our nurses have completed our Mentoring Training. They want to share their skills, knowledge and expertise in their fields and remember what it was like when they started out: The nerves and anxiety of that first day and first weeks, learning the ropes and getting to know everyone.

We want new starters to feel welcome and inspired to give their best. We also want to ensure that all new starters understand and embrace the Heritage Manor ethos. The 6Cs – carecompassion, courage, communication, commitment and competence – form the backbone of our beliefs. Our mission statement is to provide person-centred, highest quality care in a warm and friendly environment. Caring for the emotional well-being of residents as well as their physical well-being. We equally value a moment of their time spent with a resident holding their hand and listening to them.

mentoring training
Team training

All our team follow and commit to our Heritage Manor Behaviour Framework. This reiterates the 6Cs and respect and dignity in care and promotes equality, diversity and inclusion. We have an open door policy and value every member of staff.

At the end of each mentoring period, we ask each new starter and their mentor to reflect on the mentoring and give us feedback. It is lovely to know that is it a positive, helpful and invaluable experience for everyone.

An example of mentoring at Astley Hall

Recently the Astley Hall team welcomed Yvonne as a new carer and Annette was her mentor to help her settle in.

Yvonne’s compassion and warmth for the residents is second to none. She has spent time with each resident getting to know them and has hand made twiddle mats for those who can get anxious. Twiddlemats have been shown to help occupy fingers and distract from anxieties and calm the body and mind. Yvonne’s smile and warmth are infectious and the team love having her on board – she is a ray of sunshine.

Yvonne and one of our residents at Astley Hall

She presented her reflections on Astley and her mentoring as a poem, which she has allowed us to share.

Yvonne’s Reflections

Well, my mentoring is drawing to a close – in fact it’s drawing to an end.

I’m sure she says “Thank God for that – she’s drove me round the bend!”

I’ve questioned, asked and commented – It’s what we’re told to do.

But it really must get beyond a joke, when I followed her to the loo!

You see at Astley Hall, there’s really much to learn about the residents and staff

And I get lost in the realms of it – and I don’t half feel bloody daft!

I lost the lift at one point – I’m thinking just “How can this be?”

I come up in it, I go down in it …. Are they playing tricks on me?

But, I’m starting to find my way around, and I’m very proud of myself.

When I’m asked to fetch clean bed linen, I go straight to the shelf.

My time with Annette has been brilliant – we’ve had so many laughs.

But in between it all, I have made many gaffs.

We worked it out between us and together we came through.

It’s teamwork that’s important and communication too.

I’ll scrutinise the rota, to see if she is in or out.

Because in our working day, care is what it’s all about.

If you would like to join our team at Heritage Manor, or know anyone who is interested in a career in care, please do contact our HR manager Pippa Vicary on 01905 828116. We look forward to hearing from you.