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Employee Communication

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

We are an employer required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

This involves carrying out six calculations that show the difference between the average earnings of men and women in our organisation; it will not involve publishing individual employee’s data. The challenge in our organisation and across Great Britain is to eliminate any gender pay gap.

We are required to publish the results on our own website and a government website. We will do this within one calendar year of April 5th 2023.

We can use these results to assess:

  • the levels of gender equality in our workplace
  • the balance of male and female employees at different levels
  • how effectively talent is being maximised and rewarded.

Heritage Manor’s Results

86% of Heritage Manor’s workforce is female and this percentage is representative at all levels within the organisation; females are recruited and promoted at all levels, including senior managers in the upper quartile.

Both the mean and the median gap in pay across the whole organisation is minimal.

Bonuses were paid to female employees in line with their proportion of the workforce. Differences in bonus pay is as a result of internal accounting procedure.

Heritage Manor is confident that we have gender equality in our workforce, our pay and opportunities for all staff.

the difference in mean pay between male and female employees -0.16%
the difference in median pay between male and female employees £0.02
the difference in mean bonus pay between male and female employees 93.06%
the difference in median bonus pay between male and female employees £91,362
the proportions of male and female employees who were paid bonus pay Female = 9 Male = 2
the proportions of male and female employees in each quartile of their pay distribution
  Female Male
Quartile 1 88.9% 11.1%
Quartile 2 83.3% 16.7%
Quartile 3 86.1% 13.9%
Quartile 4 86.1% 13.9%

You can learn more about Gender Pay Reporting by visiting www.acas.org.uk/genderpay