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We understand you may have concerns about Coronavirus (COVID -19) and we share those concerns. Our residents are the most frail and elderly and therefore are the most vulnerable.

Please contact the home if you have any concerns and please be aware that our policy is continually under review as circumstances change

Combatting Coronavirus

We are following all Government and Public Health England policy to minimise the risk of infection for our residents. There are regular discussions with NHS Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Essex and we are following Local Authority guidance.

We have to manage the infection risk, as it cannot be removed entirely. These are unprecedented times, with the Government talking months before Covid-19 is under control. Visitors are important to the well-being of our residents, and as such our homes were open to visitors through the Christmas period. However, as cases rise in certain localities, we are reviewing this policy on a daily basis.

A message from our Managing Director of Heritage Manor

Dear Family and Friends of our residents.

We have to balance the well-being benefits that a visit brings to both residents and their families, against the risks of the spread of Covid-19.  Our homes in Herefordshire have seen both our residents and staff receive the first Pfizer vaccination.  In Worcestershire, many of our staff have received the first jab, and we are awaiting the imminent inoculation for our residents. 

This is against a background of widespread increases in infection in the general population, and so we are reviewing our visitor policy on a daily basis.  We will make allowances for exceptional circumstances on a case by case basis, and request that you contact our home managers for further advice if you would like to visit. Thank you for your understanding, and please continue to work with us through this challenging period.”

Simon Patient 4 January 2021

We ask that all families take note of and respect the Government and Public Health England guidance. Vigilance is imperative given our elderly residents are at a higher risk of infection.

To any visitor, any visit must be for exceptional circumstances, with the prior approval of our home manager and by appointment only.

When you visit, prepare to be challenged;

  • You will be asked if you are well. Please do not visit if you are unwell at all. It is not fair to our vulnerable environment – the final decision on access to the home lies with the team.
  • You will be asked to wash your hands before entry to the main areas of the home – all door codes have been changed to facilitate this.
  • Please limit your visit to the designated area, which has been specifically designed to limit the infection risk.
  • Please do not go into communal areas.
  • Ensure you wash your hands if you cough or sneeze; Good hand washing techniques are essential.

For further information see the Public Health England Blog and the NHS UK page

Washing hands Tip: Use warm water and soap. Wash hands for the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice through.

What we are doing to minimise risk of infection

We are following the Government and Public Health England advice.

The advice for visitors, as above, has been reiterated on our homes Facebook pages. There are poster reminders at the entrances to our homes. We have a stringent entry criteria, set out above and have changed the entry codes on doors.

We have put in place a COVID-19 Policy and Procedure for our staff teams. Please contact Pippa Vicary, head of Human Resources at our Head Office if you would like to see this policy: 01905 828116

We have in place an Admissions Policy during this time of COVID-19.

The Government and Public Health England will continue to monitor the situation. We will update our policy according to any of their recommendations.

If you are concerned or not sure about how we are keeping our residents safe, please speak to your home manager.

We wish you good health and thank you for your co-operation and support.

The Heritage Manor Team 4 January 20201