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We have had some special moments at Abberton, with memories triggered by fun activities, children and chickens!

Special memories shared

We had a wonderful Valentines week. Residents created a Valentine’s display and handmade Valentines cards. It was a lovely opportunity for one to one times, reminiscing with residents about love and relationships; courting and stepping out. Chatting about dances inspired us to put on some old records. Just lovely to see those memories stirred, with faces lighting up and toes tapping along to the music.

And that theme continued with our seated exercise sessions. There was the addition of props such as hoops and beanbags for a coordination element. Chair exercises are an excellent way to build strength and improve flexibility without putting too much strain on the body. They also improve mobility by increasing blood flow and lubricating joints.

We have loved getting together with the Muddy Boots Forest School children this Spring term. Sharing stories, games and chocolates. “One for you and one for me” as one of our ladies joined in the counting out of the Chocolate Buttons.

We marked Shrove Tuesday, as always, with lots of pancake making.

Looking forward to Spring and some chicks!

It’s lovely already to have the slightly longer evenings and the snowdrops popping up. We are mindful of the upcoming cold snap. We made suet balls in readiness for our garden birds.

And speaking of birds, we are all looking forward to the arrival of our eggs and then chicks! All in time for Easter. This is through Living Eggs, an ethical long established chick hatching programme. They provide all we need including 10 embryo eggs, a custom-designed incubator, brooder box, feed and bedding. Plus lots of resources. The chicks are rehomed on free range farms.

Some of our residents remember rearing chickens as children and we are looking forward to hearing their stories and sharing the excitement with the Forest School children.