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Our residents at The Lawns enjoy a full programme of exercise activities. These are put together by our activities coordinator Nicola Johnston.

We believe regular exercise enhances quality of life. Nicola says she sees first hand how it lifts moods. We have a lot of fun and laughs!

The types of exercise

We encourage everyone to get involved with seated exercises from chairs. These can incorporate small weighs, for those residents who want them. You will see from the pictures that John is a fan!

They can include a ball, or a balloon, to be passed between the group. They help maintain muscle strength and coordination, whilst being less strenuous than standing exercises. A game with a ball or balloon also introduces a bit of competition between teams, which is a lot of fun.

We also do Tai Chi. This is the gentle Chinese martial art. The movements are simple and repetitive and it is great for balance.

The effect on dementia

The Alzheimers Society have a very informative fact sheet about the benefit of exercise for people with dementia.


Studies have found that aerobic activities enhance brain function and improve mood. Programmes incorporating aerobic activity, strength, balance and walking are vital for people with dementia. As dementia affects the memory, the rhythmic repetition of exercises can help. Examples include marching, clapping, circular motions with the arms, moving from standing to sitting.

Tai chi can really benefit with agility and incorporates meditation. Balance exercises also help reduce the risk of falls.

Motivational activities such as team games, give a sense of purpose and positive interactions for participants. It’s always fun and these times of group exercise, allow everyone to live in the moment and can be a diversion from other concerns.

Gentle exercise at The Lawns most definitely gives a boost to the body, mind and spirit.

Lady resident laughing playing a ball game in an exercise session

Enjoying a balloon game

Lady resident doing a thai-chi exercise pose

Tai Chi exercises

Ruth enjoying a ball game as part of an exercise session

Enjoying a balloon game